Target Now Offers Halloween Costumes for Kids With Disabilities

Wheelchair users are known for their crafty handmade Halloween costumes, often because there are no ready-made options at retailers for kids who use wheelchairs. This year, Target wants to make costume shopping a little easier for kids with disabilities. Savvy Target fans discovered the retailer’s new Hyde and Eek! Boutique Halloween items online, including four adaptive costume designs.

Target’s includes a long pink gown and crown. The dress opens in the back for ease of dressing and is designed to be wheelchair-friendly. A wheelchair cover, which is sold separately, transforms the princess’s wheelchair into a royal carriage for the night of the ball. The carriage uses hook-and-loop closures to securely attach to most wheelchairs.

Similarly designed to be easy to wear and comfortable in a wheelchair, includes everything you need to transform for the high seas, including vest, pants, eye patch and hat. The wheelchair cover, also sold separately, is designed like a pirate ship with a black flag and ocean-themed wheel covers.

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