Cats Get Their Own Film Festival in LaVista!

Cats Get Their Own Film Festival in LaVista!

Cat lovers can soon step out of the shadow of their canine counterparts at the Cat Film Festival, which also helps raise money for the Nebraska Humane Society.

The festival, a two-hour compilation of short films, will stop in the Omaha area on Aug. 12 at Alamo Drafthouse in La Vista.

“Cat lovers are unseen by the outside world. Their relationship is very private with their cats,” said Tracie Hotchner, founder and director of the film festival. “A chance to celebrate that together and declare their love for cats is a rare experience.”

The films celebrate the bond between people and their pets. Some films are happy and funny, while others are thought-provoking or inspirational, Hotchner said.

The festival gives back to a local animal shelter at every showing. At the local screening, 10% of each ticket sold will be donated to the Nebraska Humane Society, Hotchner said.

Many of the Humane Society’s events are dog-friendly. The Cat Film Festival offers a way for cat lovers to celebrate their pets on the big screen, said Humane Society spokeswoman Pam Wiese.

“Whether dogs or cats, it’s a great way for people to enjoy themselves, help us out and get a little wider view of pets and animals in our world and in our community,” Wiese said.

The program is designed for adults, but would be appropriate for school-age children, Hotchner said. The films do not contain physical or verbal abuse toward people or animals.

“People get the experience of falling in love with cats all over again with a like-minded community,” Hotchner said. “It’s a shared experience.”

Not a cat person? The Dog Film Festival, with the same concept as the feline version, is set for Aug. 27 at Alamo Drafthouse.

Tickets for the festivals cost $12 each and are on sale meow at

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