6-Legged Puppy Given the Forever Home After She Was Adopted By Bullied Boy

Since this adorable 8-week-old puppy was born with six legs, there was a strong chance that her breeders were going to have her euthanized.

Now that she has been rescued by a loving family, however, the energetic pup is now bringing joy to a boy who is bullied for his skin condition.

Since the Labrador-mix puppy was born with two extra front legs that hinder her gait, she hops around on her back legs like a kangaroo—that’s why her new owner, 15-year-old Luke Salmon, named her Roo.

“When she jumps up on us she looks like a kangaroo, hence the name,” said Luke’s mother Lauren Salmon. “But when she walks, she sort of staggers on her elbows with her bum in the air, like an army crawl.”

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6-Legged Puppy Given the Perfect Forever Home After She Was Adopted By Bullied Boy

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