Family Spots Proposal in Pictures - Needs Your Help Finding Couple!

Gary Priest was sifting through photos from his family's vacation in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, when something caught his eye. 

In a series of photos, Priest spotted a couple that looked to be in the middle of a proposal.

The Papillion man thought his wife, Bethany, would get a kick out of the photos. 

"Isn't this adorable?" he asked.

Bethany Priest wanted to take it one step further. She wants to track down the (hopefully) newly-engaged pair. 

"I would love for these people to have this photo," she said. 

It's possible that the man could have tripped or stopped to tie his shoe, as some people have wondered on social media. But Bethany said she's pretty sure he was popping the question. And based on a photo showing the man's arm outstretched in one shot and the couple taking a selfie in another, she thinks the answer was "Yes."

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A Papillion family spotted a proposal in their vacation photos. Now they're trying to find the couple

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