Eat ‘N Park Server’s Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

The restaurant Eat ‘N Park is synonymous with the infamous Smiley Cookies, but this weekend, a young server at the Belle Vernon Eat ‘N Park served up a few smiles of his own.

Customers at the Belle Vernon Eat ‘N Park appreciate server Dylan Tetil for his caring and charismatic ways and on Friday night, one customer, in particular, caught his eye and his ear.

“He was very interesting, very kind, very respectful,” Tetil said. “Just one of the nicest people I’ve met in here really.”

A patron in a nearby booth snapped pictures of Dylan and his 91-year-old customer. Tetil kneeled down to take his order because the gentleman has hearing troubles.

The conversation, however, turned into more than what was on the menu.

“[I] listened to some of his stories,” Tetil recalled. “He was talking about the war, some of the injuries he had, the places he’s been, his family. Tears were just running down his face. You can just tell this man hasn’t had a true, caring person to talk to in a long time.”

The man told Dylan he was lonely and had few people to talk to.

With nearly 100,000 likes on Facebook and over 30,000 shares, people are talking about Dylan’s act of kindness.

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