Principal will gift donated book to each student on their birthday!

GASTONIA, N.C. (WBTV) - The principal of Pleasant Ridge Elementary in Gastonia is trekking across town - for books.

“I decided to share on social media to see if any of my friends wanted to clean out their bookcases,” Glenn Cook says. “And sure enough, it has spiraled.”

Cook got the idea to gift each of his 900 students with a new book on their birthday this year.

“I want the kids to get excited about books,” he says. “And I want them to see me excited about books as well.”

Local businesses have stepped up to the plate, conducting their own collections and handing them over to the principal.

“We already had a full box, and I’m hoping to get more,” Michele Clear at Great Clips says.

Cook got the gift idea from another principal.

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Principal will gift a donated book to each student on their birthday this year!

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