Bullied Kid Gets His Own University of Tennessee Shirt Made

We head to Florida where we meet a young boy who was participating in the College Colors Day at School.He loves The University of Tennessee and he didn’t own any of the apparel from the team so he improvised.He had a bright orange shirt and drew a U & a T, the university’s logo on apparel and pinned it to his shirt.

By the time lunch time came the young child was in tears.Some girls sitting at the table next to his were making fun of his sign and he was devastated.Well, Laura Snyder witnessed his sadness and did something about it.She took to Facebook to talk about what happened and this post went viral.People left supportive comments for the student and it wasn’t long before the University of Tennessee reached out wanting to send the student a care package full of swag and apparel.

What’s even MORE amazing is that the university loved his handwritten logo so much, they designed a shirt with that very logo and they are selling the shirt to the public and a portion of the proceeds from every shirt sold will go to an anti bullying foundation STOMP out bullying. Shirts are $14.99 and they have sold over 16,000 shirts!

To pre-order your shirt, click here.

Source: CNN.com

Image Credit: University of Tennessee


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