That Bar Game They Played on "The Office"

Up Chickens, Down Chickens (a.k.a Up Jenkins)

This is a great game for 6-16 players to kill time at a bar/restaurant.

Adapted from the Wikipedia article: Up Jenkins 

One team is seated on one side of the table, the other team is seated across from them on the other side of the table.

The captain of the first team takes a coin and passes it under the table to another teammate. The players on that team pass the coin under the table back and forth, so the opposing team cannot guess which player has the coin.

Once this selection is made, the opposing team’s captain yells “Up Chickens”, at which point all players on the team with the coin place their elbows on the table with their hands extended straight toward the ceiling, hands in fists. The opposing team’s captain then yells “Down Chickens”, at which point the “coin” team slams their palms face-down on the table. The goal of this stage of the game is to conceal the “clink” of the coin on the table to confuse the other team as to where the coin is.

In the guessing phase of the game, the non-coin team selects palms, one by one, in an attempt to isolate the coin as the “last palm standing.” Members of the non-coin team choose a palm to be revealed, by pointing at it, which any team member can do at any moment. If a team finds the coin as the last palm standing, they earn a point and play goes to the other team. The first team to 5 points is the winner.

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