Found Stray Dog Caught Cuddling Kittens on Cold Night

A stray dog was recently found on the side of the road in Canada and the pooch was going out of her way to shelter several babies. Only the babies were not her own, they were a set of five little kittens that had been abandoned by their mom. The dog, named Serenity, was spotted shielding the baby cats from the cold roughly two weeks ago in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Rescuers posted on Facebook that someone called the local animal shelter about the Serenity and her babies. Animal control picked up the family and the kittens were placed in a foster family while the shelter is getting ready to make Serenity available for adoption. The shelter says they have been flooded with interest by those hoping to welcome Serenity into their families. 

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Image Credit:Pet and Wildlife Rescue/Facebook

Found Stray Dog Caught Cuddling Kittens on Cold Night


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