"Giving Machines" Allows You To Donate to People In Need

A new vending machine was just unveiled in Denver, Colorado and it looks like the ones that dispense sodas and snacks, but this one helps people give to others. With the swipe of their card, the “Giving Machine” lets users choose from various charitable options, like donating a dozen meals to a local homeless shelter or providing books for an underprivileged school.

There are 10 of these machines located around the world and they were provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to encourage people to give. The others are located in places ranging from Salt Lake City, Utah to Hawaii to London. The one in Denver will be stationed in Writer’s Square downtown until January 1st.

To see more about the "Giving Machine" click on the machine below ↓

Source: GoodNewsNetwork.org

Image Credit: Light the World/comeuntochrist.org

"Giving Machines" Allows You To Donate to People In Need


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