Snowmobilers Rescue These ADORABLE Pups in Utah

3 puppies are very lucky after being stranded at a Weber County mountain top in Utah.A couple of snowmobilers saw a dog on the mountain side and they weren’t going to let a dog freeze to death or starve on the mountain top.They ended up finding the dog and 3 Great Pyrenees mixed pups nearly 5 miles away from the road with the pups living in a sheep carcass…kind of like the Ton Tons on Star Wars.Unfortunately, the Mom of the pups wasn’t too trusting of the strangers so she ran off, but they did leave 20 lbs of food for her and they are still searching for the mom.The couple that found the pups are considering keeping one pup and they’re planning on naming it Polar.The remaining pups will be adopted through the Great Pyrenees rescue group.

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Snowmobilers Rescue These ADORABLE Pups in Utah


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