Knitters Create Mittens for Koalas and Other Items - Can You Help?

Not only do the people of Australia need our prayers and financial support right now the Rescue Craft Guild in Australia is asking for help for the Koalas and Joeys.Rescue Craft Guild put out a 9 1 1 to sewers, knitters and crocheters to help make supplies desperately needed by Australian animal rescues.Those supplies were bat wraps, blankets, joey pouches and even koala mittens.The response has been incredible with donations from all over like Germany, US and Hong Kong.Right now the Guild is looking for joey pouches, animal beds, possum boxes and more to help the injured animals from the fires in Australia.If you are interested in participating you can find that information by going to the Rescue Craft Guild's Facebook page here.


Animal Rescue Craft Guild/Facebook

Knitters Create Mittens for Koalas and They Need Help

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