Boy Finds $900, Returns It To Elderly Woman

While shopping with his mom at a Target in Hoover, Alabama, 10-year-old FosterDudley found something surprising in the store - an envelope with $900 inside. The boy first asked his mom if he could keep it, but when she asked him to put himself in the shoes of the person who lost it, he quickly changed his mind and wanted to find the owner.

Fortunately, the envelope also contained a receipt with the woman’s name, so Target managers and local police were able to track down Verdina Ball to return the money. Foster met her at Target and gave her the cash and for his good deed, he got a $100 Target gift card.

“It was an awesome experience,” explains his mom, Parisa Dudley. “My 10-year-old son learned a great lesson in integrity and empathy.” Read the whole story by clicking on the woman kissing the child's face below ↓

Source: ABC News

Boy Finds $900, Returns It To Elderly Woman


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