Max, The Cat, Fights off 3 Coyotes As They Attack

One thing to learn from this story is do NOT mess around with Max the cat!

Max is a super brave cat from Los Angeles where he is being praised for his bravery as he fought off 3 vicious coyotes that were trying to attack him in his own back yard.

Max's owners were home watching a movie and noticed a shadow of a tail outside their home. They went to check outside and saw their cat, Max, being cornered by 3 coyotes.

His owner went back inside and they took a look at the security footage and saw Max was actually in the middle of a standoff with the coyotes before they even intervened.

In the video, you'll see for yourself, that Max is seen standing his ground like a tiger or a lion. Even though Max fought off the coyotes, he is now an inside cat and his owner is going to build an enclosure so he can still feel like he's outside. The owner is calling it, Max's CAT-io.

To read the whole story and see the video of Max's bravery, click the coyote below ↓


Max, The Cat, Fights off 3 Coyotes As They Attack


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