Bellevue Teacher Blessed By Students Replacing Stolen Shoes

Our Feel Good Story comes from Bellevue where a teacher is moved by his students on their act of kindness. Logan Fontenelle Middle School teacher Trey Payne had his expensive pair of shoes stolen from his classroom. A group of students in his class, were very upset about what had happened to their teacher. So, they put all their money together to buy him a new set of shoes.

Mr. Payne became emotional when he was surprised by a new pair of shoes. He even shed a few tears as he read the card. Mr. Payne said, 'It's more than a pair of shoes. It's about doing things to build everyone up around you."

To see the video, click on the tennis shoes below ↓

Source: KETV

Bellevue Teacher Blessed By Students Replacing Old Shoes

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