Company Is Willing to Pay You To Be Injected With The Coronavirus

If you are interested in helping find a cure for the coronavirus, then this is an opportunity you may want to jump on. A British company called that studies viruses are just one of the many groups working to find a vaccine or cure for the coronavirus. They are looking for young, healthy people who wouldn't mind being injected with the virus. For your troubles, they will pay you $4,550. 

The company is called Hvivo and they are based out of London. The medical research group says that they would also need you to stay in the lab for at least two weeks after they infect you with the virus. 

They want participants to know that they will be injecting you with a milder strain of the virus and that most young, healthy people survive the virus with no issues. The lab is only taking groups of 24 people at a time. 

To find out more information, click the coronovirus image below ↓ or CLICK HERE.

Coronavirus text outbreak with the world map and HUD 0002

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