Car Dealership Gives Homeless Place To Stay & More!

Concerns Grow Over Rising Levels Of Consumer Debt

A car dealership started with giving homeless people who are living in their cars a place to park safely for the night and it’s turned into so much more. Kiplin Automotive Group in Charlotte, North Carolina offers folks living in their cars their well-lit lot, with security cameras looking out for them, any night they want to park there.

And when word got out about this, people flocked there to sleep safely, without worrying about trespassing or being asked to leave. Others in the community have heard about Kiplin’s generosity and started donating hats, coats, blankets, and even a port-a-potty for them to use.

People are also donating money and Kiplin manager James Charles has also started a nonprofit, HALO Now, and a to help raise money to get people back on their feet. They’re using the money to help get those living in their cars into apartments by paying their security deposits and first month’s rent.

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