Suggestions on How To Keep Your Dogs Active Amid The Coronavirus

Find yourself home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, well, a lot of pet owners are just trapped between those 4 walls and they aren't able to take their dogs for long walks or even doggy daycares

Just because you are observing social distancing, it doesn't mean your pet has to lose it, too! One Vet, Chad Dodd, has some advice on how to keep your dog active and fit while spending time together.

1.) Find 15 minutes twice a day to walk at a decent pace through your home with your dog.

2.) Play Hide & Seek - Dogs love this and you will, too!

3.) Take the stairs in your home with you dog

4.) And check their food amounts when you feed them. Dr. Dodd says to cut back their food by about 10% if they are used to daily exercise.

To see the full list, click the running dog below ↓

If you want more tips, CLICK HERE.


Dog running on green grass with wildflowers

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