15 Yr old is Helping Out Homeless with Sanitation Kits in Here Area

There is a 15 yr old young lady that is helping out homeless with the dangers of COVID-19 in Los Angeles.She is helping give away more than 250 low-cost sanitation kits in her area.Each kit contains hand sanitizer, lotion, antibacterial soap, and handmade reuseable face masks to help the homeless people stay safe during this pandemic.She has also launched a GoFundMe campaign to help raise additional funds to expand her initiative outside of Los Angeles.The page has already raised over $16,000."

Source: GoodNewsNetwork.org

If you'd like to give to our area homeless, you can now by clicking one of these websites:

Open Door Mission

Stephen Center

Siena Francis House

Salvation Army

Homeless man sleeping in sleeping bag on cardboard

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