It's a Prom-At-Home with 2 Omaha High School Seniors

Shanelle Flores of Omaha bought her prom dress back in February of this year and couldn't wait for prom at Burke High School. Their prom was supposed to be March 28th and whe was looking forward to going with her boyfriend Mekhi Mitchell of one year. Well, the parents decided to throw the 2 seniors their own prom at the home in his mom's house. Mekhi picked up Shanelle and the two enjoyed a homemade dinner, even took pictures in their prom outfits and danced the night away.

Now, Mekhi's prom at Central High School was schedule for May 2nd and Shanelle said, she's ready for her next prom-at-home!


It's a Prom At Home with 2 Omaha High School Seniors

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