Woman Let's Her Dog Out To Play and It Comes Back With A New Friend

A woman from a rural area wasn’t expecting to expand her family, but when she let her dogs outside a few weeks ago, she found them playing with a little brown dog she didn’t recognize.As soon as Sara, the dog’s mom stepped outside the little brown dog started jumping on her and giving her kisses.She felt an instant bond with the little pup.

Sara lives in a very rural area where everyone knows who has what pet and this dog was completely unfamiliar to her.So, she named the dog Strudel and welcomed him into her home.Now Strudel has a new life and loving his new forever family.Sara said, “It just goes to show that sometimes you adopt a dog, and sometimes the dog adopts you.”

Check out Strudel's picture by clicking on the sweet brown pup below↓

Source: TheDoDo.com

Front view of tan coloured dog sitting in kitchen looking at camera

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