She's now pleading guilty!

Funny how she has suddenly decided to change to a guilty plea while we are in the midst of criminals being let out of jail due to Covid.

Maybe she knew that. One can only assume she watches the news or has a lawyer able to give his client advice she can use to her advantage.

I think she may have done us all a favor and so maybe she deserves a short at home sentence. Look, if she had caved like the others that were charged with a crime for lying about their kids and paying to get them a spot in an Ivy League school... well, now we know what these parents are doing. I say "are" not "were" because I don't believe this will end.

As for a house arrest sentence, if I lived in a home with a pool and so many things to entertain me, I didn't have to worry about money, and I had house keeping help... I'd do it. Wait. We HAVE! For the last 2 months and most without the money, help, entertainment or family and friends.

I hope she sucks it up and does it time without crying about it. Click here

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