A Dog's Love Letter To His Ball - By Finley

Today our report is a special note that was penned by a sweet dog named Finley. Maybe you have a Finley in your home and you can relate to the letter about his ball. We hope you enjoy it!

It’s me, Finley.

I love you SO much

And I want to tell you why.

I wake up every morning

And look for you right away.

When Mom goes to work,

You stay home to keep me company.

And that makes me feel SO safe.

You know just how to make me smile.

You are so perfect to me

And I never get bored of you.

If I had a bad day,

You always cheer me right up.

The more of you…the better!

Sometimes you get lost in the bushes.

But I never give up, until I find my best friend.

Sometimes you get a little dirty, or wet or worn down,

But that just makes you even more special.

When I go inside with Mom, sometimes I play with other toys.

But I just want to let you know, none of them compare to you.

Because even though they are fun,

I start missing you soooo, soooo much!

You are the bestest friend I could have, and I will always choose you first.

When Mom’s done working, and I get to go back outside,

I just can’t wait to see you again!

You teach me how to have fun, how to take it easy, and how to make people laugh.

Thanks for showing me true friendship, and for never ever EVER leaving my side.

(Except when you get stuck in the stupid bushes) UGH!

When it gets cold outside or Mom is too busy to play, one thing is always certain.

Even when it’s just you and me,

I’m as happy as I could ever be.

I never want it to end.

I love you forever and ever and ever and ever.

Love, Finley.

A letter penned by Finley about his bestest friend, his ball. :)

To see the actual video of the penned letter, CLICK HERE.

Source: TheDodo.com



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