The Best Apps To Fix Your Wi-Fi

Nothing can screw up the work-from-home world more than spotty Wi-Fi. Now, there are several quality apps to help analyze the power and effectiveness of your home wireless network.

  • Fing (Android & iOS) –It’ll show you connected devices, speeds, and router configuration. It won’t show signal strength as you move around, though.
  • NetSpot Wi-Fi Analyzer (Android) –A good introduction to Wi-Fi analyzation.
  • Network Analyzer (Android & iOS) –The free version has a ton of information you can learn about your network, and the $4 version has even more.
  • Network Signal Info (Android) –The list of features isn’t as long as others, but it does what it does very well.
  • Scany (iOS) –This one will cost you $6, but if you’re someone does a lot of network setup and troubleshooting, you’re not going to go wrong here.
  • Wi-Fi Analyzer (Android) –If you’re more into the tech details, this is the one for you.
  • Wi-Fi Sweetspots (Android & iOS) –Asks you to tour your own, recording Wi-Fi speeds along the way so you can get the best idea of the best hot spots in your place.
  • Wi-Fi Monitor (Android) –Comprehensive, capable, and informative, and for a small fee you can remove the ads.

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Laptop with wifi symbol at the coast

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