Pastor “Rents" Ice Cream Truck And Hands Out Free Treats

A Florida pastor spent his birthday giving instead of receiving. Pastor Bill Losasso took the memory of driving an ice cream truck for a day as a teen and relived it to help others. The pastor founded the Florida Dream Center to help those down on their luck, and he added this twist.

For his 73rd birthday, Losasso bought the contents of an ice cream truck and rode around with the owner handing out hundreds of free treats. He explained "Out here they don't get ice cream very often. We had people tell us it's been a year and a half since they had any ice cream and little kids said that."

Truck owner Melvin Hillman watched in amazement as people were filled with joy, noting, "I thank God I'm here to be a part of it. We have more people like him in the world it will definitely be a better world."

Pastor “Rents” Ice Cream Truck And Hands Out Free Treats

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