SO MANY things from 1977 were amazing!

Not everything was wonderful, like 1977 is the year we lost Elvis. 1977 also gave us new music from Rush, and Star Wars. Smokey and the Bandit! The Trans-Am 1977 model only had 7099 cars made. That would PROBABLY make them a bit rare today? I always knew I had to have one some day. I dated a guy in 1984 that drove a '79 and then I finally got one myself in 87!

My mother DRUG us to Indian Hills to see some dumb space movie and we had to sit in the front row because everyone wanted to see STAR WARS! I'm grateful she took us. She gave us a love of movies!

And I remember the day, the moment, I found out Elvis died. I wasn't really even some huge fan, but... it was ELVIS. The death of a true icon.

Here are 77 things that happened in 1977. Thanks, Ultimate Classic Rock!

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