A 9 yr old Girl From Omaha Wants to Change the World One Can at a Time

Today we get the special chance to meet Harmony. She's a 9 year old who attends Hillside Elementary from Omaha, Nebraska and she wants to change the world, and we believe she is on the right track.

Harmony's Mom noticed a notebook in her room and being that she's 9 years old she wanted to know what was going on in her life. Harmony had a picture of the earth and she wrote, "Plans to Change the World" and listed ideas that she had like having a food drive, or get a group of her friends together and create a "litter squad", teach composting and more. Her mom knew instantly that she had to help her achieve these goals.

Harmony's Mom works at the Scooters off 180th & Burke (by Village Pointe Mall) and her manager Martin was gracious enough to use the Scooters as a drop-off location so we can all become a "Harmony Hero". So, please give to Harmony's Heroes and help out the Food Bank for the Heartland!

The food drive is over now, but you can still donate here ↓

https://donate.foodbankheartland.org/default.aspx?tsid=9057 Scroll ↓↓↓

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