Holocaust Survivor To Meet Family Of American Soldier Who Helped Her

A survivor of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz is getting the chance to connect with the family of an American soldier who liberated her. Lily Ebert, 90, survived the Holocaust and now her 16-year-old great-grandson, Dov Forman, is documenting her experiences. She recently shared with him a German banknote given to her by the American Jewish GI, and he had written inspirational messages of kindness on it.

Dov posted a picture of the bill, which had “a start to a new life” and “good luck and happiness” written on it by the soldier,on Twitterand joked to his great-grandmother that he would find out who the soldier was in 24 hours. And he was right! It didn’t take long for replies to pour in identifying the GI as Private Hyman Schulman. He had written “assistant to Chaplain Schacter” on the bottom and people found him through his position.

Sadly, Schulman passed away seven years ago, so Lily can’t meet the man whose kind gesture meant so much to her. But she is going to get to meet his children virtually in a Zoom call next week.

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Source: CNN

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