Are you a "Karen"?

I was asked by my 13 yr old daughter, Samantha if I was a "Karen"? I didn't know how to really act. I laughed at first and thought...nah. Then Samantha says, "Well, your hair is a Karen haircut." No offense to my amazing stylist Karey. I LOVE my hair.

But then I really sat and thought about it...

Wait. What? Am I? I think the safe answer is, yes, yes I am a Karen. I complain when I see others not being treated fairly. I complain when people don't do their best. I complain when people don't do their job. I guess I just have a high expectation of people in their principals, ethics and morals.

I have several different layers of my alter ego. There's "nice Karen" when I give you a pass and say, "It's okay." Then there's "fed up Karen" where I demand a manager.

So, yes. I guess I am a Karen after all and it's not bad. I'm not extreme, just aware of my behavior. However, I don't like using the name "Karen" to describe a demanding, mean person. I know so many wonderful Karen's in my life and they are definitely NOT that definition. Much love to my girls named Karen!

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-Be sure not to eat ANYTHING while reading

-Use the restroom before you read this wetting the pants, please

-Bring the tissues from crying :)

Have a beautiful day!


Image by gabrielle_cc from Pixabay

Are you a "Karen"?

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