Police Officers Buy Basketball Equipment For Neighborhood Kids

A mom in Cincinnati was at a basketball court with her three sons when she witnessed an act of kindness from police officers. Melkita Hill says she saw two Cincinnati Police Department officers check on the group and realize the kids needed a new basketball net. The officers, who wish to remain anonymous, soon returned from Walmart with a net and a new basketball, too.

Hill says she watched as one officer let 16-year-old Mikell Wynn stand on his shoulders to put up the new net. The generous gesture meant the world to the kids playing there, but it also made a big impact on Hill, who shared her thoughts on Facebook in a postthat’s been shared over 5-thousand times. She writes that there are “some good ones out here that do care about us as mothers, fathers, our children and being safe” and that she appreciates that with “so much stuff going on in the world.”

Source: The Cincinnati Enquirer

Cops Buy Basketball Equipment For Neighborhood Kids

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