Dog Owners Open Wallets More Than Cat Owners To Save Pets

A survey shows some pet owners are willing to shell out more for Fido than Fluffy when it comes to saving their pets. LendEDU's new survey shows dog owners are willing to spend about seven-thousand dollars more than their counterparts with felines when it comes to choosing between vet bills and the lives of their pets.

In all, dog owners are willing to fork out slightly nearly 11-thousand dollars, while cat owners are willing to spend just 34-hundred dollars.

Apparently, those who own a dog and a cat said they would spend about the same on their pets. As for how much we spend overall on our pets every year? Dog owners shell out a little over 2-grand, while cat owners spend a little over one-thousand.

Source: LendEDU

Young woman hugging dog on living room sofa

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