6 Things to Consider When Buying Your Pet Food

Here are 6 things to consider when purchasing food for your pet:

-The expensive food doesn't mean "better"

The most expensive food does always mean it's the best food. Research the brands on the company's website and even ask your vet for advice on what to feed your pet.

-Be aware of what life stage your pet is in at the moment

Puppies eat puppy food. Adults eat adult food and if your pet is over the age of 7, put them on a 'mature pet diet'.

-Weight the options and pros/cons of wet and dry food

-Read the fine print of the label and the company's website

-Keep a journal to track your pet's eating habits

Log their information either on a piece of paper or specific app to understand their eating habits.

-Switch to new foods on a gradual basis

When changing your pet's food, be sure to allow proper transition time. Experts recommend a shift over 10-14 days and keep track of their habits. If you pet is having irregular bathroom breaks or the new food isn't agreeing with them.

To see further detail on these steps, click the dogs eating image below ↓

Source: TheDodo.com

6 Things to Consider When Buying Your Pet Food

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