The Strangest Habits Of Family Pets

We all love our animals like family, but admit it, sometimes our pets are just plain strange. Some dogs and cats can develop weird little habits over their lifetime that pet owners find absolutely adorable, and now those pet parents are sharing some of the stranger ones. 

A thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks sharing the strangest habits of their pets and some of them are downright adorable.

Weird pet habits include:

  • “Even when my cat knows my bedroom door is shut tight he still runs down the hallway and slams into the door. He does it a few times in a row.”
  • “My cat will follow me into the bathroom (and freak out if I don’t let him in) and will sit on my lap while I use the toilet.”
  • “My puppy loves to lick my feet. Whenever I put on shoes she looks at the shoe and starts growling at it.”
  • “My cat loves eating Doritos. I honestly can’t have them in the house because she will try and find a way into the bag.”


High Angle View Of Dog Relaxing On Bed At Home

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