12-Pound Maltese Named World's Cutest Rescue Dog

While every dog owner likely thinks their pooch is the cutest one out there, one dog can now brag that they really are thanks to "People" magazine.

Lamb Chop, a 12-pound Maltese who owner adopted her back in 2014, has been chosen the World’s Cutest Rescue Dog in a contest conducted by "People" and Pedigree. Voters chose the adorable pooch from over 10,000 other dogs in the contest.

Lamb Chop had a rough start in life. he was rescued from a puppy mill, where she had been for more than six years, and had likely given birth to multiple litters. After being rescued she had to have all her teeth removed and was treated for cauliflower ear and had several tumors removed, with her treatment covered by the Washington Country Humane Society in Wisconsin.

But now the owner and Lamb Chop work to educate others about pet stores and puppy mills and how they work together through the non-profit Bailing Out Benji.

Lamb Chop won her new title, a year’s supply of Pedigree dog food, $1,000 to donate to an animal rescue of her choice, and an appearance on “Good Morning America."

Source: People

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