Restaurant Owner Uses Down Time To Fly Pet Rescue Missions

When the pandemic forced restaurants to close their dining rooms in March, it was bad for those in the hospitality business. But one Chicago restaurant owner is using his downtime to help dogs and cats in need. Eduard Seitan is putting his skills as a pilot and his old airplane to good use flying rescue missions forPilots N Paws.

It’s a nonprofit network of volunteer pilots who fly dogs and cats that are at risk from rescue organizations across the U.S. He has personally flown over 40 missions for Pilots N Paws and he loves “flying with a purpose” for them.

“I think it does so much to your soul when you start volunteering, in general, for anything,” he explains. “But for me, because of my love for animals, it makes me feel so good and so complete and so happy at the end of the mission knowing that I helped an animal to get to a better life.”


Restaurateur Uses Down Time To Fly Pet Rescue Missions

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