Dog Eats Too Fast? Shari Stone Has A Bowl For Them!

Shari Stone has a Shih-Tzu named Snickers. She rescued him from Little White Dog Rescue several years ago. He LOVES to eat. So much so, that he eats so fast he gets sick afterward. So, Shari went hunting on and found this NOYAL Dog Slow Feeder and it's changed the way Snickers eats. Right now it's just $8.99 on

Although, Mr. Snickers did NOT like it too much, it did slow down his eating. In fact, Snickers got so fed up with it, he picked the bowl up and leaned up up against a chair leg to get the food out faster! That's one smart dog! See the picture below↓

Check out the slow feeder, by CLICKING HERE.

Source: Amazon

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