Some people really are the worst!

I GET that there are bad experiences at times when you dine out. We've all had them. I also KNOW that if you talk to your server, or the management, most issues can be resolved in one way or another. If you TRULY have a terrible server, chances are its a terrible day for them and they are probably trying their best to do there job. We've all been THERE, too.

I think a lot of diners bring it on themselves, too. One HUGE pet peeve is staying at your table long after you're done. Want to chat? Move to the lounge or another business. If you MUST stay there, TIP at least double. What that server would have made if they could turn the table over in a decent amount of time.

If you indicate you're going to be there a while, but you will tip well, your server is probably going to think, great! I will still make the wage I need, and just make sure they have drinks!

Be kind. Do YOUR part. Enjoy some terrible diners antics Click here

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