Listen to me for a minute and you know I love dogs!They CAN be a challenge!

Photo: getty

You know I love dogs, but sometimes they can be a challenge. They have wrecked glasses and shoes. Stolen sticks of butter and brought them to the bedroom and lost them under the dresser only for me to find butter sticks with lick marks on what was left of the wrapper.

They bark, refuse to eat and won't let me take naps. Kind of like toddlers, I imagine.

I wouldn't be without a dog for anything. The UNCONDITIONAL love, the affection when they know you are sad. The absolute pure joy EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU WALK IN THE DOOR.

Look at these dog shaming photos and laugh and KNOW before you commit 15+ years to a furry friend, this is what you may get. And it's worth it.

Charlie sleeping on my lap. Just sleeping. So happy and secure. Photo: Lucy Chapman

This bed was made in the morning. This is how I found it when I got home. Charlie likes to make a nest to sleep in. LOL (I have not idea why it came out purple.)Photo: Lucy Chapman

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