This Is The Best Apple Cider In Nebraska

Tis' the season for a warm, comforting glass of freshly squeezed apple cider on a breezy autumn afternoon. The Midwest serves up some of the best apple cider in the entire country, and it might be closer than you think. Many of the best apple ciders are made at local family farms throughout the state. Purchasing this popular Fall item from a local store or farm is one way to ensure peak freshness, and can serve as a fun seasonal activity.

According to a list compiled by Tasting Table, the best fresh apple cider in all of Nebraska can be found at Kimmel Apple Orchard & Vineyard in Nebraska City.

Here is that Tasting Table had to say about the best apple cider in Nebraska:

"In partnership with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, this orchard helped the university expand its research and study into food science with the Kimmel Education and Research Center. Kimmel Apple Orchard & Vineyard has been growing apples, cherries, and other fruits since 1925 under the care of Richard and Laurine Kimmel. Since its establishment, the orchard has been committed to being a good steward of the land and maintaining high-quality, local produce for its customers. The orchard's influence is so substantial that its origin story marks the beginning of a rich agricultural tradition in the area. While you're visiting, consider taking the Observation and Discovery Tour, which includes a hayride, a tour of the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, and the Kregel Windmill Museum."

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