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Construction in and around Omaha

Photo: Melton, Gina

As of August 9, 2022

Construction on 75/JFK SB: Lane restrictions to SB 75/JFK from 480 SB and 80EB. No access from 80WB to SB JFK (follow the detours) OFF ramp TO F St closed and ON ramp FROM L St closed. Basically expect delays and follow the detours.

State St is closed from HWY 133/Blair High Road to 120th tfn

The right lane of 75/JFK NB at L closed. Also, the L St. on ramp to 75/JFK NB is CLOSED (9/1)

168th St  north of Q St between Orchard Ave and Rolling Ridge Rd is closed. Use 180th, but that will  VERY slow as it is only 1 lane each way (Aug 13Th)

Center is down to one lane each direction from aprox 150th to 165th (11/7)

Harrison St 60th to 66th St is closed for bridge repair (8/11)

480 WB is closed From Iowa on 480, you will have to exit at 6/Dodge St (exit 4) and take Dodge west to 17th, 17th north back to 480 West.  (8/20)

Bridge work on 75/JFK on the bridge over 370 and over Chandler. Lane restrictions in both directions until the fall. This will include various on/off ramp closures at times. Follow the detours (October)

Various overnight lane closures from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. along JFK/75 southbound starting at I-480 interchange to Chandler Road

370 both east and west bound lane restrictions 25th to JFK/75 (8/15)

84th is closed between just south of Dodge south to Harney (Nov 2022)

HWY 2 out of Lincoln Head to Head traffic 96th to 134th St

HWY 2 west of Nebraska City from HWY 75 to 54th St (about 9 miles) (8/10)

HWY 77 south of Lincoln for about 5 mile stretch to HWY 33/55 lane restrictions

East Wiles Road at HWY 34 is closed thru November just south of Plattsmouth for road work in the intersection

HWY 50 south of Syracuse lane restrictions (10/15)

HWY 92 is closed Carson to Griswold in Iowa just east of Council Bluffs) (8/18)

HWY 34 in Iowa JUST east of HWY 275 (east of Glenwood) lane restrictions with pilot car at times (10/28)

Overnight lane restrictions and closures all thru the area of W Dodge Road/Dodge Expressway and I-680 in various directions and on various nights (8/31) (this is not every night)

Southbound 75 at HWY 34 (north side of Plattsmouth) lane restrictions for road work (11/1)

34/75 south of Plattsmouth: head to head traffic for about a mile at Mynard/Horning Road (November 2023)

480 WB ramp is closed FROM 29 SB (detour: 29SB to 80WB then 480 NB) This will remain closed until July 2023

I-29: various lane restrictions, closures, ramp closures from HWY 30 (Missouri Valley) to I-80 (Council Bluffs) both directions. Follow detours.

West Sarpy projects (These projects change exact locations and timelines. Be prepared for lane restrictions and closures until 2023)

Lane restrictions at the Intersection of Hwy 50 and Platteview Rd and Platteview Road is closed west of Hwy 50 to 156th (8/31)

180th is closed south of Harrison from 180th Ave (Gertrude St) to Giles

Giles is closed 180th to 185th

Cornhusker is closed 181st to 188th

36th south of Capehart on going road work causes big slow downs; use 25th St. This road work ON 36th has many of the roads closed just off 36th to the east and runs almost to HWY 370

Capehart is down to 1 lane both ways from west of 25th St to Ft Crook Rd. Uneven lanes

Northbound 13th St between Bellevue Blvd and Monroe St left lane closed (8/12)

Harrison out west is closed for a few blocks. From 204th west to Coventry Dr. tfn

I (eye) St is closed I-80 to 108th until December

22nd and L St lane restrictions in the intersection (8/17)

Eastbound Pacific the right lane closed 105th to 103rd (8/9)

Eastbound 137th from FNB Parkway to the round-a-bout (Commercial Federal Plaza) left lane closed (8/18)

Center from 90th west a few blocks to Paddock Rd lane restrictions both directions for bridge repair (8/29)

Westbound Blondo between 87th St and 90th St right lane closed (8/18)

NB 72nd Washington to Main lane restrictions (8/9)

Southbound 42nd St at Grover St right lane closed (8/12)

42nd St is closed for 2 blocks W St to Y St (south of Q St) Until August (8/9)

Eastbound Leavenworth 38th to 37th lane restrictions (9/28)

36th lane restrictions southbound between Hascall St and Grover St for a water main break (8/15)

Fort St closed 208th for a few blocks to the west about 212th

SB 192nd right lane closed at HWS Cleveland Blvd (this is a new intersection just south of Dodge) (8/15)

180th is closed Blondo to Maple (TFN)

180th is closed from Maple north for about a 1/2 mile to George Miller Parkway through August (8/30)

168th is OPEN from Center to Pacific with lane restrictions (9/15)

The intersection of 120th St at Maple only one lane open from all 4 directions approaching the intersection for reconstruction (9/30)

108th is closed from Decatur (just south of Blondo) to Burt Cir (the 3 way intersection by the White Oak convenience store) until November 2023

Maple between 95th Ave 96th Dr various lane restrictions both directions (8/29)

A block north of Maple the intersection of 65th St and Binney closed (9/5)

Dodge STREET construction continues 84th to 77th (between Methodist Hospital and Children's) both directions

Westbound Dodge from about 75th to 76th the right lane is closed

Westbound Dodge between 70th Ave and 70th St left lane closed (8/15)

Southbound 76th is closed Cass to Dodge (9/7)

Ohio and Corby (both JUST south of Maple) will be closed at 68th in Benson until 8/29 for sewer work (residential)

NB 72nd at Mercy the right lane is closed (8/12)

29th is closed between Blondo and Burdette (behind Charles Drew Health Center) until June of 2023 for sewer replacement (6/2023)

HWY 36/McKinley various lane restrictions between Mormon Bridge Rd (48th St/HWY 75) to HWY 133/Blair High Road (9/30)

16th St between Clark (about 6 blocks north of Cuming St) to Pinkney (about 6 blocks north of Locust) various lane restrictions until June 2024

Riverfront Dr is closed from from Abbott Dr to 8th St for the Riverfront development project (8/18)

Howard and Harney 18th to 17th restrictions (8/20)

18th and 17th Howard to Harney lane restrictions (8/7)

Harney 18th to 17th lane restrictions (8/7)

Burt is closed between 24th to 27th for a building project (9/15)

12th St is closed Dodge to Capital (11th has lane restrictions here, as well) and lane restrictions on Capital 11th to 12th (March 2023)

24th between Farnam and Douglas is closed (8/15)

15th between Farnam and Douglas lane restrictions (8/23)

Westbound Dodge 20th to 24th lane restrictions until November

18th St is closed Jackson to Leavenworth for street repair (8/16)

15th St between Jackson St and Leavenworth St various lane restrictions (9/8)

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