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What is happening to the children? UPDATE!

Vandalism car windshield

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UPDATE: 9 Juveniles have been arrested! Partly because a parent turned one of them in! Read the update here

You've seen the videos. Children destroying fences. Here they are again.

When we were kids, we got in to trouble. We had a little too much energy at times. I don't remember banding together with other kids simply to destroy, intimidate, and hurt people. We had a compass. Right and wrong was something we KNEW. We also knew if that compass was ignored, there WOULD be consequences. That is what seems to be missing. There are no consequences. Not from law enforcement. These are mostly children. Under the age of being held criminally responsible. There seem to be no consequences at school. They try, and the parents, in many cases, blame admin, not their kids.

There is a community I know of, not in Nebraska, but in the Midwest, that decided they would stand up. Through a Facebook group, they put parents that would not do anything to control their children on notice. If the behavior continued, well, it takes a village.

So far, the pellet gun shootings on kids just playing in their yards has stopped. Other parents are watching.

What is the long term answer?

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