Live in your favorite movies!

A few year ago, I visited a good friend in San Francisco and he took me on cool tour of the city that included some places that, even though I'd never been there before, I knew well...thanks to movies and television shows. He took me to Mrs. Doubtfire's house, he took me to see the house from Full House, and even the house that was used for the season of the Real World that was filmed there (it was the season of Pedro and Puck).

I found a cool site that lists a bunch locations you can actually travel to and check out....from Mrs. Doubtfire's house in San Kevin McCallister's house in spots in Jordan that were used in Indiana Jones. You can go to the Bates Motel and the Church from Sound Of Music. You can visit Hook and Ladder 8 (AKA the Ghostbuster's HQ) or stay at the Beverly Wilshire like Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Women.

Check out all of the locations, with addresses for the adventurous, but CLICKING HERE!

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