NSYNC Reunion??

Did Joey Fatone tip his hat about a possible NSYNC reunion? How great would that be?? These guys where HUGE when I was starting my radio career and it would be great to see them back together.

In a recent interview with US Weekly, Joey said the last time all five guys where together was when the band was awarded a star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in 2018 (that was three years ago already??).

When asked during the interview about a possible reunion, Joey said "I can’t speak for anybody else, but for me, it would be fun. Why not? I mean, let’s be real here. It wasn’t broke. Everybody kind of separated to do their own thing and now we’ve done our own thing and still doing our own thing, but you know what, I think it’d be kind of fun to do something like that and get back together". He goes on to say "What harm is it going to happen? Oh my God, we don’t get No. 1 on the charts. Oh, darn. We’ve done that already. It’s OK. For me, it would be more or less performing and having fun with my brothers".

CLICK HERE to check out the full interview.

Don't fact check me on this, but the last time all five performed together was the Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs. Which give me license to toss the incredible performance up!

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