Here is a quick story about how unintelligent I am...come on, these stories are always fun! Last week, my beautiful wife Michaela and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. As you might know, different anniversaries traditionally go along with a specific type of gift, with your third being something leather (not sure where that comes from, if you know, hit me up!)

So I decided to get Michaela a really nice leather wallet, so I went to Nordstrom's and was trying to find something really nice. I'm looking through a few with the help of one of the associates, but I was also texting back and forth with my mom, since she knows Michaela's I decided on one I really liked, but I wanted my mom to take a last look, so I'm at the counter checking out and I snapped a photo of the wallet and texted it to my mom...

Well...I thought I'd texted it to my mom, I accidently texted it to, guessed it...Michaela. Just as I start to toss my hands up in defeat, the girl checking me out at the counter, without even saying anything, grabbed my phone and put it into airplane mode. Before the picture was able to send (it had the little progress bar), the phone basically flipped off and the photo didn't send!

I NEVER knew about this...maybe the check out girl had a lot of dumb husbands come into the store that did the same thing, I don't know...but major shout out to the Nordstrom's girl for saving the gift and the surprise!!

By the way, Michaela loved the wallet!

Photo: Getty

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